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Description: What better thing can you do on sunny and hot day of summer ? We think that a trip in the woods with a picnic basket in your hands would be the best thing to do. There is no problem to have a swim in some cold water pool also but you can do that after a nice picnic with your family. Nature is always calming and giving out a hope. This should mean that a shade of a tree can sometimes do more that thousands of money. Anyway, let's focus on the trip. Firstly we need to decide what should we take with us in the woods. Ice cream is recommended as a dessert after a meal on a hot day and it goes surprisingly well with some types of food and beverage. This is why we consider it a smart choice for a picnic day. Also we think that you should take some cookies covered in chocolate and if you have time you can also cook a pizza. A pizza eaten in the heart of nature is more delicious than one eaten at a fast food. If you are running out of time and can't cook you can easy make some sandwiches with a toaster. Don't forget to add some vegetable in the sandwich to make it more healthy.
Instructions: Use the mouse to make this picnic the best one.
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