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Welcome to the amazing universe of free online cooking games for girls and also welcome to one of the greatest portals that you can find on the web.

We don't want to bother you with long stories about everything and nothing or to be boring but the following lines are about the beginning of and should not at all be considered boring even though it may take some of your patience and time to read it but after you finish reading you will have the greatest time of your lives with our awesome games. Remember the times when your mother used to cook all those tasty and sweet cookies or when you had a huge cake for your first years of your lives ? We do remember and then melancholy starts to settle in. This is a short version of the story about how the idea of a website like this has was born and the rest of it is obvious because we have reached this point and you are now here with us. For now that is all about us for but we will continue with reasons to be here and return to here, so you would better read the text below and tell us if we are wrong from any point of view.

We recommend the best cooking games and online cooking games for girls and not only. Here you can find cooking games like food games, serving games, burger games, restaurant games, pizza games and cake games where you can bake some delicious cakes for different and special occasions.

In these special cooking games you will learn how to make the best culinary recipes. We have got many burgers recipes for all the gourmets out there. Or you may aswell be an Italian food lover, but there is no need to worry because we also have lots of different types of pizza recipes from all over the world and especially from Italy, the country where pizza was made for the first time. If you are the type that likes sweets then there is no better place you could find yourself in because we have got it all from icecream to chocolate and extremely delicious cookies, which you can try to prepare and bake in your own kitchen too. In some cooking games you need to demonstrate your cooking skills and your love for cooking and you will do this in some unique decors and kitchens. However if you are not such a great cook or chef, there is no problem. You should be just practicing here and we are absolutely sure that you will love cooking and you will go straight to the kitchen to try something that you have learned here. But, be really careful and don't play with fire if your mother is not around!

We like traditional food and by traditional we mean world-wide traditions not just from a particular country. We have a broad knowledge about other countries' traditions and food types and we decided we should start something both in a purpose of information and relaxation. We think we have really achieved it by creating this nicely looking and user-friendly website.

If you are however a curious person, we offer you a large variety of Mexican, Japanese, Greek, recipes and the list doesn't stop here. But why don't you find out yourselves what recipes and types of food you can find here ?

Furthermore, we can assure you that you will have a lot of fun and learn new things with all those kinds of recipes that we delibaretely put at your disposal. Maybe you can try to convince your mother or father to help you with some of those difficult recipes.

Another fun part of playing these online games is that you can mix up cooking with customer serving in all the restaurant manangement games, so you will be learning more interesting things than you would have expected when you firstly came here. Who knows what will happen in the future because nobody can predict it, that is for sure. It's likely you become a good waitress or waiter and put in practice the little things that you have learned on a website like this one. Hopefully you will get a better job than that, but in times like these anything is good if you have to make some money for a living so you don't have to ashamed to work, whether you are a waiter/waitress or not. Keep in mind that many successful people started out in the lowest working class and by getting experience some of them started their own business.

Let's forget the future and focus on the present because that's the only way you can make it to the so called future.

You can however choose your favorite category since there is the possibility to select the general games category that matches your mood at a given moment. On the other hand if you do not know what to play you can always use the search bar and type the first word that runs through your mind and we can bet on the thing that you will find what you are looking for but will also take in consideration your search term and add games that match your desired types as soon as possible, if it somehow happens not to find anything that matches your search.

Decorating cakes, icecreams, muffins has never been easier before. We are sure that you will be able find any type of food that you wish to decorate or just to bake, by an original and unique recipe.

We are constantly updating to make sure we give you latest high quality games and you are always returning here when you mind flies to some particular sweets or other goodies that your mother used or uses to prepare, or even you when you think of a visit that you made in another country and ate something really mouth-watering. All of these and many more are reasons why you should come back every time you feel it and have a good time together with us. Whether you are sad or happy, you will always leave this website with a big grin on your face.

Our goal is to make this place a familiar and a special one for every one who comes across this portal.

We are also trying to keep our players' entertainment at the highest possible level so we have to make sure, by adding new quality stuff every day, you will never get bored here.

As a subjective note for the end, this is probably the best and the most complete cooking and baking games portal out there, so dont' waste any more time, spread the word and tell your friends to come over and have some fun.

We challenge you to cook the world's best food right here, right now !

If you had fun here, playing nice cooking games, please don't forget that you can also find us on FaceBook!, you just have to type Smileycooking in the search bar and enter on our page. There you will find the latest news about games and every update that will be done in the future. The best thing is that you can share opinions with other players and you can also Like our games and let us know which is the most popular and the most voted.

We recommend to all parents to limit the kids time at their computer to maximum 2h/day, avoiding in this way to create dependence.

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